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2012 Wedding Invitation Trends


Vintage Charm: Patterned place settings, illustrated invites, and retro decor with pops of color help to set a playful yet sophisticated mood. Whether you're strolling down the aisle in your grandma's 1950s lace gown or pulling up to the reception in a baby blue roadster, this versatile trend can easily be incorporated into the special day.


Rustic Enchantment: As more couples swap traditional chapels and reception halls for barns and cottages, rustic style imagery is popping up everywhere from roadside signage to menu cards.


Sheer Romance: Pastel palettes, water-color illustrations, soft modern florals and lace textures give that "lavender scented sundrenched room on the morning after you fell in love" type of feel.


Bold and Modern: Your modern wedding invitations can be graphic, boisterous, bright and contemporary. Let the clean lines and bold colors set you apart.


Personal Touch: This trend has been most popular with brides and grooms who are young at heart and not afraid of the causual and uncoventional. Hand drawn fonts and figures can add your personal touch.


Article by: iStockPhoto.com

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