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Trying to Save Money on Your Wedding Invitations?

Here are two great options if your wedding invitation budget is a little tight:

Click on Jenna & Eric's Wedding Invitation to see their full gallery of photos

Click on Bonnie & Steve's Wedding Invitations to see their full wedding gallery of photos

How did they save some money? Jenna & Eric and Bonnie & Steve decided to print all of their wedding information onto their one-piece wedding invitation instead of printing three separate pieces (an invitation, an RSVP card and a hotel/direction card). Jenna & Eric even opted to list an online RSVP. Their guests will log onto their wedding website to RSVP for their wedding, saving them the cost of an RSVP postcard and stamps. One general rule...the less paper you use, the less expensive your invitations will be. The fewer the pieces, the lower the cost.

Both of the invitations shown are printed on shimmery white paper, but if you wanted to save money another way, it's cheaper to print on glossy or matte paper rather than shimmery. (But be careful of fingerprints on a glossy option.)

Contact Copper Ink Wedding Design if you'd like a price quote for your wedding invitation idea. We work with any budget! 

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