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Newly Engaged?!

Are you newly engaged?! Congrats. The most stressful part of planning a wedding is knowing where to search for the perfect photographer, cake, invites, floral arrangements, limos, and DJ in your area. 

Located in Sioux Falls, SD, Renee Halgerson and Copper Ink Wedding Design can help you get started.

Generally, people in the Midwest have a do-it-yourself mentality. They are very resourceful and appreciate a good deal when they find one. Copper Ink Wedding Design understands that completely. That's why:


• We already have lists of the latest options for cakes, photographers, florists, DJs, limos, and more. We provide you the list, then highlight the low, medium, and high price-range options. Then let you choose. We are just here to provide you the options so you spend less time searching and more time enjoying the process.

• Your wedding brings friends and family together for one special day. We want you to enjoy each and every minute of it! That means instead of your aunt, cousin, or personal attendant decorating the church, setting up the reception, lighting candles and tearing everything down at the end of the night, you can count on Copper Ink Wedding Design to do that for you. Let us take care of everything while you enjoy your friends and family.

• We will coordinate the rentals, returns, set-up and tear down of everything you may need. That's the last thing you or your mother need on your minds. We're glad to help! And we're very affordable.

• And when it comes to the wedding invitation design, we specialize in unique, contemporary designs. After all, your invitations and save-the-dates become the first impression your guests receive of your wedding day. Do you want a feeling of romance and sweetness? Fun and excitement? Chic and couture? Punk and pretty? We do it all.

Like what you're hearing? Fill out this order form to get the process started.


We bring together a creative mix of everything you have in mind, all while building a personal relationship. It's like planning the perfect party with a good friend.

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