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Choosing the Right Designer for Your Wedding Invitations


What's really imporant when you choose someone to help design your wedding invitations and details?

For Copper Ink Wedding Designs, it should be their core values. And here are ours:


• To Meet a Higher Standard of Service:  Yes, brides can be demanding at times. They expect a very high level of service, as they should. And we appreciate that because it gives us an opportunity to shine.


• To Be Accommodating:  We aren’t just an 8-5 business. We’ll meet a couple for breakfast, lunch or after work for drinks, if that’s what works best in their schedule.


• To Design at a Higher Level: We want to bring out your wedding’s personality by listening first. Then designing.


• To Do the Right Thing: To do everything with integrity and character. To give back to the community. To be kinder than necessary. To remember who we are, not what we are. To do what we love for principle first, then profit. To be compassionate, helpful, humble and thankful.


• To Be Do-It-Yourselfers: We want to be the charming, do-it-yourself company that’s small enough to dream, improve and shine. Never too big, but always big-hearted.

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