9 Tips for Addressing Your Wedding Invitations

You’re getting ready to address your wedding invitations. How are you supposed to know which names go in which order on which envelope? Depending on the outer envelope, the inner envelope, and many other scenarios, these tips should help!

(Remember, these are just tips—guidelines—so feel free to deviate from these if you prefer to make your invitations more personal or more casual.) Do you even have an inner envelope? That’s what I thought. Some of these guidelines are adaptable.

When it comes down to it, there are 9 guidelines I like to follow:

1.)  Same last name, same line. Different last names, different lines. Nobody needs to know if the couple is married or just living together.

2.)  Use the word “and” if they’re married. Use “&” to invite their guest.

3.)  Use your best judgment. Address people as they wish to be addressed. Does she go by Dr.? She earned it. Please use it. Does his grandmother still go by Mrs. John Doe in honor of her deceased husband? Then address her as so. Treat people with the respect they deserve. When in doubt, opt for more formal than less formal.

4.)  I know it’s formal and traditional to use “Mr. and Mrs. Loren Halgerson.” But we’re in the 21st century. It’s perfectly fine to say “Mr. and Mrs. Loren and Marilyn Halgerson.” It’s up to you and how traditional you’d like to be.

5.)  If you’re having an inner envelope, use first names for everyone (unless your guests prefers “Mr., Mrs., Doctor, Dr., Colonel, The Honorable, or Revered) and list the children in order by age.

6.)  Just a tip. You probably shouldn’t include “& Guest” if your relative was recently widowed.

7.)  Remember, a medical doctor should have “Doctor” in front of his/her name, while a PhD should have “Dr.” in front of his/her name.

8.)  If children are 18 years and older, do you have to send them separate invitations? I say yes, if they no longer live with their parents and it makes sense to. Yes, if they are dating someone and would like to bring their own guest. Yes, if you are really close with them.

9.)  If you don’t care to have children present at your wedding, make sure that there is no room for confusion. Do not list “and family” on the invitation. That’s wide open for interpretation. On your RSVP card you could politely say “adults only, please.” You could offer a babysitter or daycare option during the ceremony and reception if it’s necessary that families bring their small children. Be courteous to each situation, but stick to your wishes.

Any professional calligrapher, wedding invitation designer or stationer will be able to help you with the tough ones. Good luck! And if you'd like detailed scenarios and how to address your wedding invitations, click here to see Copper Ink Wedding Design's guideline worksheet.


Something Old, Something New...and What Can Influence a Designer

So, I know you came to this blog page to see elegant and inspirational wedding designs. But I’m going to share some personal inspirations with you too. My trip to Ireland!

And here’s why. This quote sums it up best.

“The creative person wants to be a know-it-all. She wants to know about all kinds of things: Ancient history, 19th century mathematics, current manufacturing techniques, flower arranging and hog futures. Because she never knows when these ideas might come together to form a new idea. It may happen six minutes later or six months, or six years down the road. But she has faith that it will happen."

--Carl J. Ally


So going out and doing great things opens up your eyes, your heart, your perception, and your inspirational perspective of the world.  That’s why I’m sharing these photos with you. (And I’m designing an invitation set with Irish influences right now.)




Choosing the Right Designer for Your Wedding Invitations


What's really imporant when you choose someone to help design your wedding invitations and details?

For Copper Ink Wedding Designs, it should be their core values. And here are ours:


• To Meet a Higher Standard of Service:  Yes, brides can be demanding at times. They expect a very high level of service, as they should. And we appreciate that because it gives us an opportunity to shine.


• To Be Accommodating:  We aren’t just an 8-5 business. We’ll meet a couple for breakfast, lunch or after work for drinks, if that’s what works best in their schedule.


• To Design at a Higher Level: We want to bring out your wedding’s personality by listening first. Then designing.


• To Do the Right Thing: To do everything with integrity and character. To give back to the community. To be kinder than necessary. To remember who we are, not what we are. To do what we love for principle first, then profit. To be compassionate, helpful, humble and thankful.


• To Be Do-It-Yourselfers: We want to be the charming, do-it-yourself company that’s small enough to dream, improve and shine. Never too big, but always big-hearted.


How Do You Choose Your Wedding Colors?

I like to think that an invitation is the first impression your guests have about your wedding. It should reflect the personality of the couple: modern and edgy, elegant and traditional or anywhere in between. There are really no limitations when you order custom wedding invitations, save-the-dates, programs and menu cards that all carry your wedding’s brand and colors. You can see some color-combination ideas in the Copper Ink Wedding Design Gallery.

It’s really up to the bride which colors she likes! But as a general guideline, if you choose three colors that work well together, think of it in a 60-30-10 rule. You can use this rule for your entire wedding if you wish (dresses with flowers, décor at the reception, invitations with envelopes, etc.) Let’s say your colors are warm stone gray, yellow and silver. Sixty percent of your invitation coloration should be stone, 30 percent should be yellow and then you can highlight your invitations with 10 percent silver. You can do this with any combination of colors, including white.

Some trendy colors right now for wedding invitations:

Purple, light gray and white or ivory

Metallics (bronze, silver, gold, copper, etc.)

Patterns and layers of Vintage colors

Black (and any color) with non-traditional, chunky, bold fonts



Bridal Show in Brandon, SD

Interested in going to a Bridal Show full of wedding vendors that can help with the details of your wedding?

Mark February 26, 2012 on your calendar. It's being held at the Brandon Holiday Inn Express, Brandon, SD from noon to 4 p.m. Sign up to attend on the Sioux Empire Wedding Network website.

The Sioux Empire Wedding Network is a website worth visiting. Click on their "View Vendors" button and away you go. You can even see Copper Ink Designs under the "Invitations" link!



Find Copper Ink Wedding Designs on Wedding Wire! is a great resource for a bride-to-be who's planning her wedding. Interested in wedding invitations, stationery, menu cards, programs, save-the-dates and more? Click here to get started with Copper Ink Wedding Designs.

Click here to see Renee Halgerson's site on Wedding Wire.



Vintage Save-the-Dates

These Save-the-Dates are printed on shimmery ivory paper, with elements of black lace, vintage gold and black & white images. Even better bet, Copper Ink Wedding Design printed custom return labels to match the Save-the-Dates and look great on the vintage gold envelopes.

Beautiful, Amanda & Chris!

Amanda & Chris printed everything for their wedding through Copper Ink Wedding Designs in Sioux Falls, SD. Check out their Save the Dates, wedding invitations, custom return labels, and wedding programs by clicking here.




White Winter Wedding

Envelopes that gleam like icicles.

Invitations that shimmer like fresh-fallen snow.

And a white winter wedding. Best wishes for a beautiful wedding and marriage, Derek & Amy!

Winter Wedding Photos of Derek & Amy!


Click here to see the full gallery of wedding invitation designs by Copper Ink Wedding Designs.


Build-Your-Own Holiday Gift Bag from Copper Ink Design

You're invited to start your Christmas shopping early!

"Handmade Holiday at Zing" is a trunk show of handmade gifts (ranging from vintage, to home decor, to jewelry, stationery, accessories, handbags, and more.)

Handmade Holiday at Zing
Friday, November 4, 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Saturday, November 5, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Located at 524 N. Main Street, Suite 11 (4th & Main in the historic Tri-State Creamery Building in Sioux Falls, SD)

I'll be selling items at this show! My idea is to have a "Build Your Own Giftbag" station. I'm making different items at prices between $1-$10 that can be pieced together to make the perfectly-priced gift bag for your co-workers, girlfriends, sisters, nieces, etc. You choose the price and you build your gift bag!

Want to see what I'll be selling? Here are just a few of the items (along with magnets, Christmas treats and more.)

These oversized clothes pins are made to hold photos, holiday cards and wedding seating charts. You can even hang them on your fridge!

This piece of the gift bag is perfect for the friend/family member that loves to bake. It has cupcake liners, napkins, sprinkles and a mini whisk.

These lollipops and candy sticks are a cute filler for your gift bag.

These fun magnets are the perfect gift for any fridge or filing cabinet. They're one-of-a-kind.

Renee Halgerson  •


Demask: Trendy and Beautiful



See more wedding invitations by Copper Ink Wedding Design by browsing the gallery

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You've heard of Etsy. Now see their section devoted to weddings!


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Where cakes, design and photography beautifully collide.




Click here to see how lanterns can add romance

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Click here to see amazing photos of a beautiful wedding 

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Meet Copper Ink Wedding Design in Person

Visit Renee Halgerson and Copper Ink Wedding Designs at the Gonna Get Wed Winter Bridal Showcase at the Sioux Falls Convention Center on Sunday, January 8, 2012 from noon to 4:00 p.m.

Recently engaged?! This would be a great venue to visit and start your wedding planning. Stop by my booth to see samples of wedding invitations/stationery. See my page on and visit their website for more information.

Click here to see Renee's wedding invitation gallery.


Exquisite Embellishments (and Mailing Tips)

Adding jewels, ribbons, string, twine, feathers, or twigs to your wedding invitation really adds personality. Be creative! As long as the invitation can still fit inside a flat envelope and isn’t more than ¼ inch thick (when sending USPS), one standard stamp should be all you need.

If you decide to add an embellishment to your invitation, and you have other postage questions (maximum/minimum envelope sizes or when thick mail pieces may cost more), visit and search for Measuring Tips.

Best wishes to Mark & Kelley and Kristen & Cory!

Renee Halgerson  •


Summer Wildflowers

This fresh invitation design has a unique size and includes wildflowers and dandelions for their summer wedding, sent in a chocolate-brown envelope. Congratulations, Alison & Josh!

Click the photo to see more photos of Alison and Josh's wedding invitations


Copper Ink Wedding Design, Renee Halgerson, Wedding Invitations, Sioux Falls, SD

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Pleasantly Surprised

We can all respect traditions. But sometimes, a bride and groom have a unique taste for their wedding day. And surprise elements throughout your wedding keep guests engaged, entertained and pleasantly surprised. If you want something different to make your wedding day more memorable, try one of these ideas that fit your personality and uniqueness best:


  • Replace the “cutting of the cake” with the cracking of the crème brulèe, the dunking of the cookie, or the slurping of the milkshake.
  • Have an ice cream sundae or frozen yogurt bar with cups full of fun toppings.
  • Use food choices that are local, like donut cakes, rustic BBQs, or your grandma’s world-famous sugar cookies and caramels to add a personal touch.
  • Print mini magazines/photo books as favors for guests. It’s a unique favor idea and could replace the slide show.
  • How about a square-shaped invitation? (Just remember, postage costs more to mail them.)
  • Photo booths, dramatic entrances and lighting/entertainment will keep your reception exciting.


Renee Halgerson  •


Find us on!

Copper Ink Wedding Designs is now listed on!

You can find us in the category: Invitations/Stationery

Click to visit Copper Ink Wedding Design on the best Sioux Falls wedding site.


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Fun Ideas for Save The Dates

Your Save-The-Date is what’s going to make a first impression with your guests. It’s the first thing they’ll receive that sets the tone and personality of your wedding.

Is your wedding going to be fun and quirky?  Traditional and romantic?  Energetic and whimsical?

How about some fun ideas like these?

• A box of match sticks would “Let the Sparks Fly”

• Everybody has a sweet tooth. In a small box, send a packaged sugar cookie with your date written in icing. Include a card/note with it, in case someone eats your Save-The-Date!

• Send a CD to your guests and call it “Songs That We Fell In Love To.” On the cover of the CD, include your Save-The-Date message. It’s flat, personal, easy to mail, and is something your guests will keep.

• Send a pencil through the mail. Use a piece of card stock with your wedding date information and tape a pencil to it (or use a hole punch to slide a pencil through) with the phrase “Please Pencil Us In!” 

• Calendar (add a photo if you want)


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Another Beautiful Wedding

I had the honor of designing Angella & Kristian's wedding invitations for their special day on August 6.

They turned out beautifully, just like their wedding.  :)  Congrats, A&K.


Click here to see their entire gallery of wedding invitation photos.

Wedding Invitations, Sioux Falls, SD


Click the photo to see more of Angela & Kristian's wedding invitations

 Renee Halgerson  •


Newly Engaged?!

Are you newly engaged?! Congrats. The most stressful part of planning a wedding is knowing where to search for the perfect photographer, cake, invites, floral arrangements, limos, and DJ in your area. 

Located in Sioux Falls, SD, Renee Halgerson and Copper Ink Wedding Design can help you get started.

Generally, people in the Midwest have a do-it-yourself mentality. They are very resourceful and appreciate a good deal when they find one. Copper Ink Wedding Design understands that completely. That's why:


• We already have lists of the latest options for cakes, photographers, florists, DJs, limos, and more. We provide you the list, then highlight the low, medium, and high price-range options. Then let you choose. We are just here to provide you the options so you spend less time searching and more time enjoying the process.

• Your wedding brings friends and family together for one special day. We want you to enjoy each and every minute of it! That means instead of your aunt, cousin, or personal attendant decorating the church, setting up the reception, lighting candles and tearing everything down at the end of the night, you can count on Copper Ink Wedding Design to do that for you. Let us take care of everything while you enjoy your friends and family.

• We will coordinate the rentals, returns, set-up and tear down of everything you may need. That's the last thing you or your mother need on your minds. We're glad to help! And we're very affordable.

• And when it comes to the wedding invitation design, we specialize in unique, contemporary designs. After all, your invitations and save-the-dates become the first impression your guests receive of your wedding day. Do you want a feeling of romance and sweetness? Fun and excitement? Chic and couture? Punk and pretty? We do it all.

Like what you're hearing? Fill out this order form to get the process started.


We bring together a creative mix of everything you have in mind, all while building a personal relationship. It's like planning the perfect party with a good friend.


The Best Movie Trivia Game Ever

Love movies? Love trivia? Veer just combined the two to make the ultimate (and most brilliant) movie-guessing game of all time. There are only 50. How many can you get right?

Three Photos from Veer. One movie title. Sixty seconds to guess. Go!