How to Make Sure Your Crystals, Paper and Ribbon Stick So Those Suckers Do Not Come Off

Ribbons come in all different shapes and fabrics and they're tough to adhere to a paper invitation. The best method I've found? If you want to save postage, avoid tying a knot in your ribbon. That way, it will go through the postal machines flat and only cost one Forever stamp. Here's what I do: 

  • Trim your ribbon to the length you need to wrap around your entire invitation.
  • Cut one end (the end that will be glued to the top) in a "V" shape. That keeps it from fraying.
  • Use permanent sticking double-sided tape to cover the entire length of the front of the invite under the place where you want the ribbon to stick.
  • Stick the ribbon straight down on your strip of permanent tape on the front of your invitation.
  • Put tape on the two loose ends of ribbon and tape them down (with the "V-cut" end on top) on the back of your invitation. This is the hardest part because I'm a perfectionist when it comes to lining up the ends and not having any bubbles or loose areas of the ribbon. 

Click the image above to see what the front of Sarah's wedding invitations look like

 For crystals that will not pop off in the mail: 

  • I use the crystals that are heat-activated (the iron-on kind). That means the glue is already on the back of the crystals and you use a hand-held iron tool to permanently heat the crystal onto the paper. It heats through the crystal to melt the glue on the opposite side. 
  • I also use these kinds of crystals because they are clearer and sparklier (that's a word now) than others that you might buy on a strip with the sticky side on a plastic sheet. 
  • Put the crystal down where you want it, and press the hand-held iron on it for 10-12 seconds. It'll stick like no other. 

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And if you're gluing anything else to your invitations--like feathers, twine, the knot of a ribbon--I use a special gel glue with a really small tip. You don't want glue squishing out the sides of whatever you glued, so smaller and stronger is better.

If you're gluing a backing paper to another piece of paper, I use two fail-proof methods:

  • If you're sending your invitations during the winter months, you don't want your glued paper to pop off in the mail because the temperature got so cold that your glue didn't hold. 
  • I use permanent glue rollers that act like a strip of permanent adhesive (it looks like a white-out roller) along each of the four edges of the paper.
  • In addition to using strips of adhesive glue, I use spray mount. It's a messy, messy method (I had to Goo-Gone my entire kitchen. And my feet. And the dog.) but it adds that extra layer of not-coming-off-ness. 

Click the photo above to see the rest of Angella's pocket invitation

Have no fear, though. We at Copper Ink Wedding Designs can assemble your invitations for you at a price per invitation. And you'll have the peace of mind knowing that your wedding invitations, programs, save-the-dates, or thank you notes will come out looking perfect...and so will anything you decide to add to it.

And in case you were wondering...here is Dori, the dog that helps with every Copper Ink project here in Sioux Falls, SD.  :)

For more pics of Dori, Renee and Copper Ink Wedding Designs, check out her Facebook page



Unique Wedding Program: Love Story Flow Chart

I love this idea! It's a Love Story Flow Chart of how Dan & Elizabeth met. Awww.

I really love that everything about their wedding had unique elements...from their custom old-world hand-drawn map, to their Love Story Flow Chart, to the groomswoman attendant in their wedding ceremony. Everything totally reflected their lovable personalities.


I hope your wedding day was wonderful, beautiful and as memorable as both of you, Dan & Elizabeth.

Click these photos to see their entire photo gallery of wedding invitations and programs


One of My Favorite Quotes

"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so that you'll appreciate them when they are right. You believe lies so you'll eventually learn to trust yourself, and some times good things fall apart so better things can fall together."

My good friend Sarah Lavin at zing reminded me of this quote when she posted it on Facebook. Thanks, Sarah.


The Color Red

The color red can be associated with passion, desire, sensitivity and love. I hope your marriage is as beautiful as your wedding invitations. Congratulations, Gina and David!

Click the image above to see more photos of Gina & David's wedding invitations from Copper Ink Wedding Design in Sioux Falls, SD


Wedding Programs

Even your programs can coordinate with your wedding style! Check out the rest of Amy & Aaron's photo gallery of how their wedding stationery set (complete with fuschia ribbon and a crystal) matches their program. Happy wedding day, Amy & Aaron!


Turquoise, Ribbon and Love

With colors like mocha, champagne and turquoise, Sarah and Eric knew they could create a pop of color by using a ribbon and a crystal on her invitations. Any kind of element that gives your wedding invitation some dimension is worth it!

Click the photo of Sarah & Eric's wedding invitations to see more from Copper Ink Wedding Design



Tying the Knot: Adding Ribbons to your Wedding Invitations

Every bride likes a little something different. Lynnette and Will liked this dark red backing paper with a bold black ribbbon to embellish their invitations. With two insert cards and a shimmery ivory Euro-flap envelope, this wedding stationery set was more than beautiful. (Just remember, it will cost extra postage to mail anything with a knot or a bow.)

Click on these photos to see more images of Lynnette & Will's wedding invites


Peacock Feathers in Your Wedding Invitations

Using real feathers, twigs, ribbon, twine and other embellishments can really add a surprise element to your invitations. After all, your invitation is the first impression you'll make with guests for your big day. Even the programs had photos of Chad & Teresa on the back for a personal touch.

Congrats, Chad and Teresa! (They also sent these in purple shimmery envelopes. And Teresa wore a peacock feather in her hair piece that day. I love it when everything comes together.)

Check out all the photos of the peacock feather wedding stationery set by clicking on these photos


Wedding Invitations that Shimmer

These invitations were printed on shimmering white paper and mailed in shimmering dark blue envelopes. And since they printed their wedding invitations 2-sided, there was only one insert card---the RSVP card.

Amy & Jordan even included a detail from their wedding...white calla lillies. Shining invitations and a glowing couple. Is there a better combination for a wedding?

Click on Amy & Jordan's invitation photo to see more in their photo gallery



Light Yellow and Grey, Silver and Crystals

I love this color combination. Kimber & Mike chose to add crystals to their invitation! I used a heat tool instead of regular glue to make sure the crystals didn't pop off in the mail. Another popular trend right now is sending "Dance-Only" invitations. Kimber & Mike chose to send a simple postcard inviting some of their guests to the dance only, which ultimately saves them money while still making guests feel honored by getting more than a Facebook invite to their dance!  :)

Enjoy. Did you notice the subtle swirl design pattern in the background also? Want to see more ideas for a yellow-and-gray-themed wedding? Visit my Pinterest Board.

Click the photos to see a full gallery of Kimber & Mike's wedding invitations


Part Country, Part Pink, and Completely in Love 

Amber and Jon! Best wishes for your country bliss wedding, and more importantly, best wishes for your marriage. With Kraft paper envelopes and a one-piece folded invitation, this set is unique. You could easily add twine to this invitations, and because they put the RSVP information, map/direction information and gift registry on the back of their invite, they saved money on insert cards.

Click the photo to see more images of wedding invitations for Amber & Jon


I am in LOVE with this kid

Okay...this has nothing to do with weddings or design at all. But I am in love with Caine, his story and his creativity. Caine is a 9 year old boy who built an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad's used auto part store—and he's about to have the best day of his life. I may or may not have teared up a little.

Caine's Arcade from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.


2012 Wedding Invitation Trends


Vintage Charm: Patterned place settings, illustrated invites, and retro decor with pops of color help to set a playful yet sophisticated mood. Whether you're strolling down the aisle in your grandma's 1950s lace gown or pulling up to the reception in a baby blue roadster, this versatile trend can easily be incorporated into the special day.


Rustic Enchantment: As more couples swap traditional chapels and reception halls for barns and cottages, rustic style imagery is popping up everywhere from roadside signage to menu cards.


Sheer Romance: Pastel palettes, water-color illustrations, soft modern florals and lace textures give that "lavender scented sundrenched room on the morning after you fell in love" type of feel.


Bold and Modern: Your modern wedding invitations can be graphic, boisterous, bright and contemporary. Let the clean lines and bold colors set you apart.


Personal Touch: This trend has been most popular with brides and grooms who are young at heart and not afraid of the causual and uncoventional. Hand drawn fonts and figures can add your personal touch.


Article by: iStockPhoto.com


Bringing Other Elements of Your Wedding Into Your Invitations 

Deep orange Calla Lillies-- those are the flowers in Courtney & Zach's wedding. They also decided to use them in their invitations. They wanted their wedding invitations 2-sided (putting hotel information and gift registry on the back) and including a separate RSVP card. 

Congrats, Courtney & Zach! It was fun working with you.

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Combining Purple, Orange and the Outdoors

Loni and Justin did just that. Loni loves bright orange and purple and Justin likes the outdoors. How did we bring the two ideas together? With this custom strip of paper that holds the insert cards together with the invitation.

Click on Loni & Justin's invitations to see more images.


Keeping it all Together

Ah yes. Elizabeth and Dan. How could anyone forget the personal details they put into their wedding invitations? Custom old-world map with sea creature? Check. Personal quote on the cover of their invites? Check. Perforated RSVP card so their guests can just tear it off and send it in? Check. Crystal brad to keep all the pages together? Check.

Click on Elizabeth & Dan's photos to see the full photo gallery.


Oh...just skydiving in AZ today

And while we were at the jump zone, FOX 10 news decided to interview us about skydiving on Friday the 13th. You can see the news clip here. Yeah, we're pretty much famous.

Me and my good friend Kristin just before we go skydiving!


And the Grand Canyon yesterday. So beautiful and hard to think it's a mile deep...


Black & White Foil Invitation

Kolby & Matt raised the bar on elegance for wedding invitations. They used black and white foil on top of black Poptone paper to make a subtle, yet bold invitation. If you're going to sleekness and elegance, this is the invitation style for your wedding. Then they connected all three pieces of paper with a crystal brad in the upper left corner and perforated the last page, to make a mailable RSVP card.

Couldn't be happier for you, Kolby & Kevin Mathias.  ;)  

Click the photos to see more details of Kolby & Matt's wedding invitation designs


Designing for More Than Paper

I saw a quote on Pinterest the other day that said. "I just want to make beautiful things even if nobody cares."

Well, here's an example of just that. It's my bedroom wall, designed to be a headboard out of black frames and pops of color. I painted the walls a two-toned metallic color and found that wall graphic online. Stay tuned, though. I think I may design my own wall graphic, have it printed, and put that up in place of this blue swirl. We'll see.  :)

The photos are pictures of all the places I've been...Rome, Paris, London, Ireland, Amsterdam, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Mexico, NYC, etc. I'll need to make room for one more when I take pictures of the Grand Canyon with my good friend Kristin this year!


Japanese Cherry Blossoms

It was such a pleasure working with John and Anna on their Japanese Cherry Blossom wedding invitations. They chose silver pockets with matching envelopes and three insert cards: map, hotel information, and RSVP card. Want to see more cherry blossom ideas for your wedding? Check out my Pinterest Board.

Click John & Anna's photos to see their full wedding invitation design gallery.